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Charles Staley who is Strength Coach, brings an important comment to the questions above that we are curious about them . Charles Staley emphises The gym is a
 laboratory for life. He advise us if you work hard and good things happen. If you don't work hard, and good things fail to happen. 


Staley stay that much of life is "fuzzy" – sometimes you get lucky and your experience pay that you haven't really earned. He noticed that "
But this will never happen in the gym because the weight doesn't give a turn about anything other than whether or not you infact get it. And when
 you lift a weight that you've never lifted before, it's certain benefit that you're now better than you ever were before. These benefits 
give us to value work ethic and give us the confidence to catch it outside the gym as well: in our careers, our relationships, and in our various 
interests in life."
Jade Teta who is Integrative Physician, Naturopath, Coachand says about bodybuildingThe major insight about life is that nothing is easy and 
he express it as "your body adapts to the way you train it. Well, so does your psyche"


Mark Dugdale who is IFBB Pro Bodybuilder; Emphasizing The overarching life lesson learned in the gym is very significant.
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  I think being a woman to be strong  I certainly use and advise HGH. You can also choose the HGH and you can be as 
strong as us! Micahalle G. (26) Ohio.


Being an athlete is a great dream for everyone. This is my life philosophy. HGH is my first assistant! David North H. Kentucky (24)  

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A woman needs to lose weight. But HGH gave me more. I was a flexible woman like an active athlete. Jasmine U.G. Ottava (31)  

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